Pricing – Sales&Distribution

This page gives a functional overview of the Promenta Sales&Distribution (SD) Pricing solution. SAP SD pricing is used to determine the price that an organisation sells its products to their customers. SD Pricing is a complex area however one of the main inputs to the price determination is the Customer Condition record.

The Customer Condition record is used in SAP to hold the specific price for each material and each customer. There can be many condition records and they are subject to regular change as an organisation adjusts their pricing to suite their own goals and strategy.

Management and updating of Customer Condition records is therefore critical and they must be managed in a transparent and auditable way. Promenta enables an Organisation to meet these objective.


Key Features

The Promenta SD pricing solution offers the following features out-of-the-box :

  • Singular web-based requests
  • Mass requests with excel integration
  • Full automatic workflow for approvals
  • Full audit and transparency
  • Direct integration with SAP on final approval
  • Create new conditions
  • Update existing conditions

Example : Mass update of conditions

In the example screenshot below a mass request for change.

The user has created a spreadsheet of the requested changes and uploaded to Promenta. 

All data is validated on upload and then it can be submitted for review and approval.

Only on final approval by all stakeholders will SAP be updated


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