Currently Promenta must configure the PromentaPortal for your use. The PromentaPortal should run out-of-the-box with default configuration. The tabs that are see are dependant on your SAP Authorisation profile.

Normally a customer requires a subset of available tabs for their specific processes which Promenta will configure.



The tabs are controlled via SAP authorisations

Each tab on the screen maps to a View ID

A user must be authorised for each View Id to have the tab present on their screen

Authorisation object needed for each available view

Object :  YZYLNCH001

  • Field : YZYLNCH001     Value = View ID
  • Field : ACTVT   Value=03   (display)


Customer would like to restrict available tabs to Journal request and Inbox (along with the home page)
Views required :

V_HOME : Home/Inbox

V_JP005 : Journals

Authorisations :

Object YZYLNCH001 – Field YZYLNCH001=V_HOME  , ACTV=03

Object YZYLNCH001 – Field YZYLNCH001=V_JP005 , ACTV=03

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