Automated Workflow Notifications and Reminders

Approvers receive automated workflow notifications and reminders based upon product configuration settings. 
These fields can be used as standard for workflow routing in the Vendor scenario:

  • Vendor Country
  • Account Group
  • Company Code
  • Country of Company Code
  • Purchasing Organization

In addition to these fields any other field (custom “Z” field or standard) can be integrated into the approval logic/configuration using Promenta’s built in plugin architecture (speak to your Promenta focal point during or after implementation as required).

Other Workflow key features are as follows:

  • Abstract promentaWebflow workflow software is built on top of SAP workflow engine
  • Possible to set up substitute approvers when approvers are away from work
  • Request forwarding (when authorized to do so)
  • Email approval notifications and reminders to approvers 
  • Email notification to requester to confirm final approval & posting
  • Web browser approvals

Web browser approvals are possible via two methods:


When the user opens the request from the email they can enter data (if authorized) and/or approve/reject the request. Their action is fully audited within promentaWebflow inside SAP.

Webflow Inbox (very useful where multiple people within the same team have the authority and knowledge to maintain or approver data)

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