Screen section configuration (by Team)

Vendor Webflow typically involves more than one business team (e.g. Finance, Procurement, Master Data Team). In Webflow technically these real world teams a represented as logical teams (e.g. TEAM01, TEAM02, TEAM03 etc)

In this scenario logical TEAM08 is the Finance Team

It is possible within Vendor Webflow to switch specific sections of certain screens on or off (e.g. switch on the Company Code data sections for the Finance Team but switch them off for the Procurement Team). 

This image shows how various supported screen section can be swicthed on or off per team. Sequence number 40 below shows how for the Finance logical team (i.e. TEAM08) the Address Screen (ADDR) is display only.

It is also possible to make specific sections of certain screens display only or updateable.

This image shows how various supported screen sections can be made updateable based on different process status’

All configuration in this section is handled within decion tree /PROMENTA/WSPU_VENV5. For more information refer to the decision tree node in this help manual.
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