Before you start take some time to review the prerequisites below. This will save you a lot of time later

Transport Management

Please review the Transport management and delivery process which Promenta follows. The process should align with your existing standard processes but it is always good to check and confirm.

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1. Authorisations

You will be performing some BASIS functions and some configuration

Some transactions required for the successful set up are :

SICF Web services
SU01 User maintenance
SNUM : Number interval maintenance

2. BSP Runtime

The BSP runtime engine should be configured as per SAP configuration procedures.

if you run any SAP web technologies (BSP, WebDynPro, Fiori) this will already be set up.

The information below should be used as a guide only.

2A SAP profile parameters – assign a port to the ICM via transaction RZ10 eg :
icm/server_port_0 PROT=HTTP,PORT=8000

2B Activate ICF services
/sap/public/bc/bsp ==> If this service is inactive user display will be incorrect

default_host → sap → public → bc → uics.   [See note 2389051 – ICF service for Clickjacking Framing Protection is inactive]


3. Webserver Security (SSL/HTTPS)

Install a valid SSL certificate. If SSL (HTTPS) is to be used then a valid SSL certificate must be installed on the server node or the web-dispatcher

This must not be a self-signed certificate as modern browsers increasingly do not accept them

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