KB0002 – WAS logon configuration

NOTE : The information in this Knowledge Base entry is designed to apply the SAP standard configuration procedure to Promenta’s solution. It is not meant as a comprehensive guide and you should refer to SAP’s own documentation where appropriate. Promenta is not responsible for the content of external links.

Updated : Following UI technology change in 1.6SP37 – please see recommendation for multi-logon setting


You use Promenta Webflow with the WAS rendering engine. You wish to configure form-based logon instead of the default basic authentication (browser popup)

To complete this configuration you should be familiar with the concept of the External Service Alias. See this link for more information : https://help.sap.com/doc/saphelp_nwpi71/7.1/en-US/78/9852bdc06b11d4ad310000e83539c3/content.htm?no_cache=true


The Webflow solution is delivered with default authentication but this can be overridden without an ABAP repair using the external alias functionality. This is carried out in every system (dev, QA , Production)


1) Ensure SICF is configured for logon – activate all services under:

2) Override Promenta WAS renderer using an external alias with the same path

3) Configure the external alias for form logon
Open the external alias
Go to tab Error Pages
Go to sub-tab Logon Errors
Select System Logon
Configure the System logon as shown below:

Alias  : /sap/bc/bsp/promenta/wfbsp

Service (triggering Element) : /default_host/sap/bc/bsp/promenta/wfbsp

Then choose Error Pages tab –> Choose “System logon” radio button and click “Configuration” button

Multi-logon recommendation

Following technology change in 1.6 SP37 it is possible for the user to  hit the logon button rapidly (or double-click it) which creates multiple sessions in Promenta and SAP. This can lead to unexpected system locks.

To prevent multiple logons – select the “Check for multiple” check box

See note at  the end of this document for further information

4) Test logon by accessing a Promenta solution in the normal way eg from the Workbench –> Test option or use transaction /n/PROMENTA/DASHBOARD2

Ensure you receive no popup logon boxes – only a form logon as shown below (note your styling may be different)

Multiple Logon check – Additional Information

The Multiple-logon check mentioned above prevents the user accidently logging on when they double-click the logon button. Multiple logons can lead to hanging sessions that lock resources and/or requests. Users may see “SM12 lock errors” if this occurs.

If the “check for multiple logons” checkbox is set then if a user double-clicks the logon button they receive a screen like the one below

The user can then leave the “Cancel all existing logons” as active and logon which will ensure only one session is created

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