Analyser – Current Users

Current users of a webflow can be viewed by accessing the Analyser (/PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR ) and then selecting the “Current Users” icon of the relevant webflow as below:

Current User Report

The report lists the users who should process the webflow. It effectively shows who the workflow system has routed the webflow to.

The column “Reserved” shows who can actually process the item. If a particular user begins to process the webflow then they will “reserve” the webflow and that will prevent other users accessing it.

The column “Resend Email” allows the notification email to be reset to that user. This is useful if the user has lost or deleted the email.

Menu buttons

Unreserved – if a workflow has routed to a set of users (eg a central team) and one member of the team has begun to process the request the request will be “reserved” for that user. No other user in the team will be able to act on the request. However if the user no longer wishes to process the item then the Administrator can press the “unreserved” button here to enable all members of the team to gain see the request in their inbox.

Forward – if a workflow has routed to a user that is unable to process the request (for example the user has left the organization, is away on vacation etc) then an Administrator my “forward” a request to another user for processing. The Administrator must enter the SAP user name of the new user. The new user must be authorised to process the request.

Adopt – this allows the administrator to take ownership (adopt) the request and then execute it as if they were the approver. This activity is audited and requires additional SAP and Promenta authorisations. Usage of this function would normally breach an organisations Segregation-of-Duties rules and so appropriate off-line controls would be needed.

Note : if a user has left the organisation then the workflow routing should be updated. The Forward option is a manual process and is not suitable for long term reassignment of requests.

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