KB0011 – Problems with images or styling


  • You are experiencing problems in the layout or display of your Webflow screens.
  • You may be asked for additional logons.
  • The screens may look misaligned, you may see gaps where images usually appear or get browser messages regarding errors downloading mime objects.
  •  You may also get JavaScript errors

Correct Display

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Error in Display

An example of an erroneous display is shown below – however other effects may also be seen.

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Common causes

The underlying cause of the issue can be one of the items below

  • System refreshes caused settings to be lost/deactivated
  • SSL certificates expired
  • Service users/password incorrect or missing

Next Steps

The similest approach is to effectively rerun through the install guide and check everything is in place. 

1) Check SICF

Review the SIC services mentioned in the install guide and check all are active

2) Check service yzyprmntcusmime ACTIVE
Check service in SICF – the path is /default_host/sap/bc/bsp/sap/yzyprmntcusmime

3) Check service alias exists
Check service alias (SICF —> Alias) exists and is set up correctly for services as per the install guide. 

4) Check service user for yzyprmntcusmime

Note : This alias is no longer required from SP24 and can be removed. However if it is present then you must perform all the checks below

4A) Check

If a service alias exists for yzyprmntcusmime check that the associated  service user  is unlocked, valid and password is correct.

4B) Test
In SICF –> External alias –> Navigate to the path /sap/bc/bsp/sap/yzyprmntcusmime
Right-click on the alias and hit test.
You should see a screen featuring promenta logo and you should NOT be asked for any logons.

5) Refresh Browser Cache
Refresh your browser cache and try again.

6) Refresh ICM cache
Refresh ICM server cache as described here.

7) Check that custom style sheets are transported
Customers will normally have a custom style sheet (for example promenta_cb01.css, promenta_cb02.css) that would have been placed in a customer workbench.
Ensure this transport is moved to the system.

8) Check for HTTPS errors

If you have Secure connection (HTTPS / SSL) errors caused by an invalid or expired server certificate that can cause the browser to reject style sheets and java script files.

This can cause both styling and functional issues.

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