FAQ : Problems and solutions

The section below documents some of the issues and common problems you may experience and advise or solution to them.

FAQ : JP5_1 – difference between simulation and upload checks

Promenta contains two points where your data is checked

File check at upload – this occurs when you upload the file (web screen) or perform the Validate function from the excel add-in. If there are errors then the file is rejected. This check only performs master data validity checks (eg GLs are valid and not blocked etc) and also balance check (if activated)

Document simulation – this occurs at the final screen before submission. A full posting simulation into SAP occurs. This checks master data and also dependant data, substitutions and validations etc.

FAQ : JP5_2 – FBD1 simulation OK but posting error

You are submitting a request for a recurring posting document (FBD1). Your request contains cross-company/intercompany lineitems. 

You are able to upload and simulate the file – but on final posting you receive error like below

“Field New company code does not exist in the screen”

FBD1 does not have a simulation because it is effectively a template posting for future postings in FB01. The “real” posting into FB01 will be generated later by standard SAP transactions (eg F.14)

In addition : FBD1 does not support intercompany postings

As there is no FBD1 simulation, Promenta simulates the FB01 posting instead. As FB01 does support intercompany postings – no error is shown at simulation.


You cannot create recurring intercompany postings in FBD1.

FAQ : JP5_3 – Add-in logs in to SAP in different languages

You are using the Promenta Excel add-in and you find that “pick from SAP” brings back the descriptions in the language you logon with.  However when you “submit-to-workflow” the Promenta screens are in a different language (normally some system default language)

Background : Your first connection to SAP with the add-in should set you language for all other interactions. The logon language is passed to each browser window via standard SAP cookie “sap-usercontext”. If this cookie is not found in the new window then SAP will use some other method to determine the logon language. 

The cookie cannot be passed if the excel server url (set in the ini file) is on a different host than the url that is opened for the actual Promenta screens. 

This is normally caused by the use of the SAP Web dispatcher (or similar load balancer) that is configured in the Add-in ini file but NOT in the Promenta solution .

Solution :

Ensure the host server name in the ini file is always the same as defined in Promenta. Use the transaction /PROMENTA/EMAIL_PRM to set any external urls such as load balancers.

FAQ : JP5_4 – Duplicate posting not prevented

You use the SAP Invoice verification for duplicate postings (Transaction OMRDC ) and it is working for online postings in FB01/FB60. However when you post using Promenta you do not get the error message and duplicate postings are allowed.

Solution :

Check that ALL the parameters that are checked (eg company code, reference , date etc) really are all identical. Often one of these values is not exactly the same and hence the error will not appear.

Check that the vendor has the “double-check invoice” flag set.

If all parameters are the same then please check that you are raising the error message for Batch processing not just online processing.

Check transaction OBA5 message number F5/117 – batch input =E

FAQ : JP5_5 – FI Validation not working in Simulation

You have custom FI posting validations (Transaction GGB0 / GGB1) that do not appear to be working in Promenta simulation. However when you finally post you find that the validations are invoked and cause issues.

This can have several causes :

  • Your rules contain a check on background/batch processing (SY-BATCH or SY-BINPT). The rules will be skipped because Promenta does use background processing mode. Change your rules to not check on background processing
  • Your rules are set on the “document complete” level. SAP as standard does not call these rules in simulation mode*
  • Your rules are referring you user sets (ie a list of user names). Posting or simulation is probably using some background user rather then the actual user invoking the simulation. Add the background user id to your user set.


* Promenta has a custom solution for this but it is not included in the standard delivery. Please contact us to discuss.


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