SAP Journal Entry Workflow

Promenta’s SAP Journal Entry workflow

Available for ECC6 (all EHPs)

Available for S4Hana

Optional excel plugin

Promenta’s SAP Journal Entry Workflow enables a web based, audited process for SAP journal entry. The solution deploys as part of our promentaWebflow™ product and runs inside your SAP ECC system. As this is an SAP based solution, the journal data entry process tightly integrates with your existing finance business rules, validation and security model.

The webflow sequence enables the creation of a fully validated virtual journal record, including external attachments, which is then cleanly created in the relevant SAP ledger when all journal approvals are in place. The process enables high integrity validation, including simulated posting at the request stage of the process. This guarantees accuracy and efficiency when it comes to approving the journal.

Key Features

Full Compatibility with Microsoft Excel

Promenta’s SAP Journal Entry Workflow allows your finance teams to upload Excel sheets which contain header and line item data for Journals.

Optional Excel Plugin

You can make use of the Excel plugin to enhance integration – but it is not a requirement. If you do not wish to manage an excel plugin for all your users you can still use all the functionality via the web interface.

Built-in Workflow control

Users can submit Journal Entry webflow requests which are automatically routed to one or more approvers. Rejection handling and re submission are fully supported by the built in workflow capabilities.

Real-time SAP Validation

All data is immediately validated against SAP FICO configuration rules residing in SAP. The webflow product also allows additional validation rules which serve your specific process to be included.

Posting Simulation 

Along side SAP Validation the solution also enables SAP FI posting simulation to ensure that all interdependent data is also checked.

Partial Journal function (from SP34-2)

This function allows user swho are less expert to still request journals. Often less expert users do not know know all of the GLs, cost centres and other data that makes a valid SAP document but they still need to submit the request. Users can now submit “partial journals” with only the data they know. They submit it to a more expert team who can complete and submit the full journal.

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