Workflow configuration

Vendor Webflow typically involves more than one business team (e.g. Finance, Procurement, Master Data Team). In Webflow technically these real world teams a represented as logical teams (e.g. TEAM01, TEAM02, TEAM03 etc). The flow of the process between one logical team and another can be easily configured using Promenta’s decision tree.

This screen shot shows how a creation process will flow initially from the requester to the Finance Team when the requester clicks the submit button. Then when the Finance Team  click the approve button the process will flow to the Purchasing team (on so on…). The solution can be configured to flow between your own real world teams. Promenta handle this configuration at implementation time during the project and typically your own internal teams manage it beyond implementation.

Granual workflow routing can also be used at the team level

This screen shot shows how when the process arrives with the Approval Team additional configured logic applies at the company code and purchasing org levels resulting in approval group APP_GB_P100 being selected (which is subsequently linked with real SAP users, see below)

Users can be linked to approval group APP_GB_P100 using transaction code /PROMENTA/WF_RESP_00 where all user assignment activity is audited.
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